• Top End Wedding

    The film premiered at the prestigious Sundance Film Festival and went on the be the second highest box- office Australian film of 2019. The film was subsequently distributed to a global audience. Stars Miranda Tapsell (The Sapphires) and Gwilym Lee (Bohemian Rhapsody). Produced by GoalPost and Kojo.

    • Produced in association with Mr. Condor
    • Story by Mr. Condor (shared credit)
    • Executive Producer Mr. Condor
    Top End Wedding
    Top End Wedding
  • Location Scouts

    A hilarious behind-the-scenes series of the feature film Top End Wedding. Appeared on The Nine Network Australia (TV) and as a web-series winning best web series at twelve international film festivals including in Hollywood, Berlin, Los Angeles, London and Rio.

    • Created by Mr. Condor (shared credit)
    • Story by Mr. Condor
    • Executive Producer Mr. Condor
    Location Scouts
    Location Scouts
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